Wire and Sinker EDM

Systomatic uses advanced EDM machining technology to excel industry requirements. Systomatic’s sinker EDM, wire EDM, and hole drilling machines are feature-packed, suited for high production, and deliver performance and quality that excels our customer’s expectations. Please contact us for any quote or general help regarding all aspects of EDM’ing.


Sinker EDM

Sinker EDM is an essential machining process for any business built on precision. Using an electrode submerged in an insulating fluid, we can remove minute amounts of material. Our sinker EDM capabilities allow us to create parts that simply can’t be built with conventional milling processes. Sinker EDM lends the ability to burn deep & thin areas that might not be achievable with traditional machining.


Wire EDM

Wire electrical discharge machining cuts or shapes metal workpieces using a thin electrode wire controlled by a CNC. The wire is charged with electric current, and sparks form between the wire and the workpiece, melting its surface. The cutting wire never contacts the workpiece directly, so there’s no distortion in the cutting path or the shape of the material.


Hole Popper EDM

Systomatic can wire starter holes in any surfaced or curved part. We can drill a 0.015 diameter hole in a nozzle where drilling would be impossible to do. Precise hole patterns can be machined to a tolerance of 0.001”